I have let lots of things hold me back this week.  Normally, I don't let national news stories impact how I feel, but the shootings in Dallas hit really close to home.  Also, I have let others and what they think of me at work impact the way I feel about myself.  I have always been prone to this, but in reality, my life is my own and no one else's to live, so why should anyone else get to choose what I do and dictate the life I live for myself?  

I have to stop focusing on all of that and remember all that I am lucky to have in my life.  My wonderful husband of 18 years is such a gift.  Our dogs and cats that make up our family so far make me so happy to come home to each and every day.    That feeling I get at the end of accomplishing a race that I thought was impossible is an amazing feeling I have yet to experience this year, but want to so badly.  Why should I let other opinions make me feel that is a worthless goal?  Why should I let those emotions drive me to think about stopping my training or not even starting it?   I shouldn't.  That goal is not worthless.  I should not feel bad about myself because I have setbacks in my weight loss journey.  There will always be struggles to overcome, which, in the end, make the success that much sweeter.  

Those are the things I need to remember.  Fuck everything else.